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In 2004, a designer, a programmer and an accountant suddenly realized they had the makings of a great company. And Walla! Anthony Discenza design studio was born! Anthony Discenza, Samantha Correa and Barry Harper started with a handful of clients drawn from Sam’s accounting practice and began producing a new level of design for customers. Anthony Discenza design studio now has a full staff of designers, programmers, writers and marketing consultants. We produce award-winning websites, advertising and marketing strategy for clients across the country and abroad.

A key to our success has been to hire only the best talent and to dedicate that talent to the specific elements of any project. No one person does it all. Instead, a team of creative professionals works together to produce the “Ultimate Design for sites like this vacuum sealer site we redesigned last week.”

Another key to success is enjoying what you do. We have a good time at Anthony Discenza Design Studio and we believe in a balance between work and lifestyle. With a philosophy like that, what better place to be based than our hometown.
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Check out our latest work. We are currently working on a ton of new project and we have a 72% return rate. That means that businesses and people who use our services, tend to come back. If that doesn't say quality, we don't know what does! We recent care study included product review website called juicer reviews direct. We recreated their website and did a few SEO adjustments and the search traffic skyrocketed! Take a look at what we have to offer and contact us to get a free quote!

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Our exceptionally creative staff consists of designers, programmers, copywriters, and marketing consultants who are dedicated to the various elements of each project, ensuring that the client always receives the “ultimate design.” Check out our latest project by visiting Kitchen Faucet Divas to see an example of our work. We do it all people, just ask us and we'll be happy to hear you out and offer a quote!
Web Design & Programming
It’s not good enough for your website to be pretty and animated, it has to be functional. It has to tell your story. It has to sell your products or services. We understand that, and while we can build some of the cleanest, best-looking websites you ever did see, you can also count on us to make sure your website is effective. Our programmers can add E-commerce functionality and custom database-driven content. We can apply the latest marketing research and reporting tools and help you develop your search engine and Internet marketing strategies. From there, we’ll refine your design, guarantee traffic, and drive sales! Again, we encourage you to look through our portfolio. You’ll recognize our unique ability to consistently produce “Ultimate Design.”
Advertising & Graphic Design
Okay, so we don’t really get requests to write personal ads, but if you need ads to sell Pina Coladas, we can help. We can also help you create your Pina Colada Company logo and develop a strong Pina Colada Company identity with Pina Colada Company letterhead, business cards and complete sales collateral (not to mention an effective, high-impact Pina Colada Company website). Now that you’re a little tipsy from all the Pina Coladas, here comes the hard sell… The key to effective advertising, whether your medium is web, print or multimedia, is maintaining focus on the target audience and the response you want to elicit from them. At Sage Island, we maintain that focus and we can work with you to design graphics and messages that reach and impact your audience, getting the response you want. Whether you need traditional brochures, a tiny CD in a coconut-shaped case, an animated interactive multimedia piece or a full corporate identity package, you’ll get the “Ultimate Design.”
SEO & Internet Marketing
Imagine endless sapphire-blue waters shimmering out in all directions from a small, unknown tropical island. The island has fine white sand on its circular shore, a lush green center filled with shady palms, trees laden with ripe bananas, coconuts and pineapples – a bounty of resources. The island is uninhabited. Now imagine yourself on that beach, sitting in a concession stand, trying to sell bananas, coconuts and pineapples. If you’re not proactively marketing your website on the Internet, you might as well be doing business on that island. It’s crucial to have an effective search engine strategy and to understand options like paid inclusion and pay-per-click programs. Let us show you how we can guarantee traffic to your site. We’ll measure your web strategy directly against your competitor’s and develop a customized strategy to turn your website into a marketing powerhouse. We can show you specific examples of how we’ve helped our clients beat their competitors on the Internet.

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