I have always been an avid fan of science fiction movies and stories, and especially those where intelligent robots do all the jobs on the behalf of their masters. Therefore, I was practically over the moon when I laid my hands on one of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners that are there in the market. The experience of using the iRobot vacuum cleaner has been one of sheer pleasure with the novelty taking long to wear off. The iRobot vacuum cleaner model that I acquired uses a 3-stage cleaning process, which I have found to be extremely efficient for cleaning a large variety of surfaces. The surfaces range from carpets, tiles, and hardwood to linoleum floors without any sort of difficulties in managing each of the floor types. The robot vacuum cleaner accomplishes this by adjusting itself automatically to different surfaces without requiring any extra effort on my part.

iRobot Roomba 560My robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a number of excellent and well thought-out features that helps in increasing its versatility to the maximum. The advanced cleaning head makes it possible for me to get rid of the hair, dander, excess dirt, and allergens that come as a part of owning pets. Thus, I find my robot vacuum cleaner to be the ideal cleaning device for any pet owner. This also makes me in keeping my house clean with a single vacuum cleaner and negates the need of owning a separate pet vacuum cleaner to get rid of the clingy hair and dander. My vacuum cleaner produces powerful vacuum force to pull the pet hair and debris that are extremely sticky into the vacuum bin with greater effectiveness. The presence of an advanced AeroVac Series vacuum bin makes it more effective in packing the hair and dirt into it while minimizing the chances of their exposure to the outside.

The vacuum cleaner has also made the interior of my house much more fresh and healthy because of its dual HEPA air filters, which are capable of capturing dirt particles that have a diameter as low as 0.3 microns. Thus, the air inside my house remains fresher and healthier while also effectively removing the various allergens with this feature being extremely beneficial to me since I am a pet owner. The iRobot also allows me to reach those areas in my house, which I would otherwise be hard-pressed to access. Thus, I can now reach those crevices and narrow spaces between furniture and give them a good old-fashioned elbow grease with the help of the persistent pass cleaning method in my cleaner.

It also packs in a number of other features that makes the entire cleaning process a breath, quite literally. This robot cleaner charges itself by going back to its home dock also does not cross an infrared beam from Auto Virtual Wall barriers to remain in a room. My robot cleaner has also adapted its movements to my house interiors and it focuses more on the areas that are usually the dirtiest with the aid of its iAdapt Technology. Thus, I have found my experience with the iRobot to be extremely rewarding.

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