Importance Of Keyword Research In SEO

Making a website user friendly and making it interactive with a lot of flash animation or pictures is great for aesthetic value of a website but it does not do much to optimize a site for drawing more visitors. From a SEO point of view, keywords matter a lot.

What is a keyword?

Quite simply put, a keyword is the string of words used to search for any information on the internet. This can be a single word or an entire phrase. Keyword would therefore matter a lot because one would want that their website show up on SERPs that relate to the content that the site portrays. Hence, the first importance of proper keyword selection in SEO is that it allows search engines to properly rank a website for particular search results.

The Importance Of Proper Selection Today

There was a time when keyword stuffing would produce excellent results in search rankings. Those early days of hoodwinking the search engines are gone and SEO has become more technical now. Keywords need to be selectively chosen and no more than 7 keywords per page should be chosen. Any more than that and Google may not understand what to rank a website for.

Moreover, optimizing for a select few keywords is easier than trying to gather traffic for a variety of words. Search engine algorithms have become intelligent enough over time to recognize similar keywords and show results that are optimized for synonyms to searchers.

The importance of keyword research in SEO cannot be stated enough because the choice of keyword also plays a vital role in the cost of optimization. Highly contested words in any niche are harder to rank for and a new website shall do better off trying out low ranked or contested words. For example, the use of the term SEO to optimize a website about internet marketing may not produce immediate results. Instead trying for a phrase such as SEO tools or SEO techniques may yield better results since competition for these keywords is less.

Keywords not only matter for the entire website but also on a page by page basis. Each page should be optimized separately to gather traffic for related but different terms. This form of keyword usage ensures that a website can gather traffic from all their related keywords without drawing unwanted attention from search engines.

Where To Find Keyword Data?

To start keyword analysis, the best place is Google Adwords. The webmaster’s choice of tool for keyword research and analysis, Google Adwords is free to use but its paid version provides wider matches to keyword searches and more data. However, even the free version should suffice for small time SEO specialists. This program is easy to understand and can provide at least 5 to 6 good low competition keywords to rank for.

Once the keywords have been selected its time to start optimizing a site by including these words in the title of the page, meta tags and on page optimization. Also any link building campaign for each page should be done using those exact keywords to help search engines understand the importance of each page.


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