Blackhat SEO Is Bad? Or Is It Not?

Many SEO specialists want webmasters and new website owners to believe that black hat SEO techniques are a strict no-no. They should be avoided at all costs because they can lead to delisting by search engines. While this is true, there are many proponents who believe that even black hat techniques used in the correct manner can lead to a drastic improvement of website performance and search engine rankings.

What constitutes as blackhat in SEO

There are nearly 50 different blacklisted methods but what people do not understand is that all these methods have been tagged as blacklist SEO just because Google and other search engines decided so. In reality, nothing is black hat as long as it works and does not draw the attention of the search engines. This means that even if one were to stuff their website with keywords but found a way to stop search engine algorithms from picking up on this obvious fact then that method is no longer blackhat SEO!

Unfortunately, algorithm updates from search engines happen at such an alarming rate that websites or webmasters who are using grey hat (neither completely 100% legal nor blacklisted) techniques soon find out that their preferred method has been shoved into the list of blackhat methods.

Until search engines can really read what is on the website and rank according to the content quality, SEO experts will have to abide by their so called blackhat methods and avoid them at all costs.

So Is Black Hat SEO Bad?

While some black hat techniques are bad and should never be attempted, most techniques are actually quite alright when used in moderation or limited amounts. Techniques such as keyword stuffing and hidden text should never be attempted since these methods immediately result in delisting from search engines. However, techniques such as link exchanging are still good and work well if one takes precautions to ensure that they do not attract undue attention from search engines.

Moreover, with each new algorithm update some or the other SEO method becomes blackhat. The recent Panda updates proved this point with link farms such as Build My Rank (probably the most popular of link farms) going out of business sending many websites plummeting in the rankings. Hence, black hat is bad only if one does not know which methods are considered bad and in what quantity. As one webmaster said, knowledge about black hat techniques can actually propel the chances of a website doing better because it allows the website to steer clear of anything that would gather negative attention from Google.

Black hat SEO techniques are not for the faint hearted as it will result in money going down the drain if not done properly. Those with no money issues should not fear the power of the black hat world of SEO. For, it is like the dark side of search engine optimization which can produce amazing results in the least amount of times. After all, one makes a website to churn money online and retire early in life, if black hat SEO can do this then why not?

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